Course Keys ****
People who intend to help victims of Alienative-Conflicts --- need to engage early in Open-and-
Honest dialogues With-Them about their various convictions about how best to respond in 
principled ways and in terms of clearly articulated: Ideals, Values and Virtues --- to the 

 1. Behaviors of Domineering-Bullies-and-Mobbing-Mobsters,
 2. Behaviors of Terrorists of ALL Kinds,
 3. Ideals and Ideologies of the above kinds of people,
 4. Ideals and Ideologies of many Extremist "Religious" Leaders,
 5. Isolated Technologies and Technocrats of all kinds,
 6. Present laws and institutions,
 7. Present traditions, rituals, cultures and coalitions,
 8. Present Prescriptions, Proscriptions, and Habits,
 9. Present Paradigms that are being thoughtlessly honored,
10. Present Sciences, Scientists and Academic-Institutions.

The possibilities of our facilitating health and healthy-relationships with other people ---
cannot be reliably assessed on the basis of only objective-information and scientific-analyses.

The most-reliable-indicators of reliable, robust and long-term-sustainable-views --- will 
include reflexive considerations of:

 1. The mutually-interacting-effects of past and present response-patterns --- upon each other's:
ideals, ideologies, values, principles, assumptions, attitudes, approaches, desires, intentions,

 2. Our demonstrated abilities to engage in open-and-honest-dialogues about the above reflexive-

 3. Our demonstrated abilities to transcend Domineering-Bullies' Preoccupations-and-Life-Styles.

 4. Our abilities to engage in Open-and-Honest Reflexive-Systems-Analyses of the Disintegrative
Patterns within us, within our relationships, within our ideologies and within our habitual-

 5. Our demonstrated abilities to transcend taboos of our Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-
Deception; which inhibit Open-and-Honest-Dialogues about our Alienative-Conflicts and about how 
we can ourselves Mitigate-Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts.

 6. Our Demonstrated abilities to clarify how Domineering-Bullies'-Life-Styles work to undermine
all forms of Personal-and-Communal Integrations and present Integrities.

People who are honestly committed to Open-and-Honest-Dialogue about the foundations of Personal-
and-Communal Integrations-and-Integrities --- need to focus upon what kinds of tools can be used 
helpfully in efforts to augment personal and communal security, integrities and integration-
processes.  Under what conditions can the following ALIENATIVE tools be used helpfully and with 

 1. Dishonesty, Deception, and Pretense?
 2. Unilateral-Actions and/or Dominance?
 3. Concentrations of Wealth, Power and Influence?
 4. Violence?
 5. Coercion?
 6. Attacks?
 7. Hubris?
 8. Threats?
 9. Terrorism?
10. Bombs?
11. The Destruction of Neighborhood Integrities?
12. Military actions among civilians?
13. Destruction of Communal Integrities?
14. The Creation of Prejudices and Ignorance?
15. The Creation of Biases and Suspicion?
16. The Creation of Distrust and Alienation?

How often have wars been fought --- without both-sides resorting to the use of many of the
above ALIENATIVE-TOOLS? To what overall-long-term-net-gain in the personal and communal 
integrities of the Whole Crew-of-Space-Ship-Earth --- have wars been fought; when compared to 
the more integrative alternatives of:

 1. Gracious-Diplomacy?
 2. Healthy-Mutual-Reconciliations?
 3. Mutual-Assistance in Mitigating-our-own-Alienative-Conflicts?
 4. Mutual-Assistance in Mitigating-our-own-Alienations?
 5. Mutual-Inter-National-Visitations and Cross-Cultural-Patterns of Cooperation?
 6. Ecumenical Patterns-of-Cooperation among people of different religious traditions?
 7. Finding-Common-Ground in helping each other to meet all truly basic humane needs?
 8. Gracious-Just-Distributions of Wealth, Power and Influence?
 9. Reflexive System-Analyses of ALIENATIVE: Ideals, Values, Laws, Traditions and Habits?

Students in a university course focused upon Graciously-Helping-People to Mitigate-Their-Own 
Alienative-Conflicts; will of course need to focus in significant-ways upon:

 1. The Global-Historical-Background for whatever Alienative-Conflicts the participants focus 
upon --- as far back as can reasonably be said to be relevant, and on the recent past as may be
especially relevant to their mutual efforts.

 2. The efforts of participants in the alienative conflict --- to present their differing points
of view as being: reasonable, proper, just, defensive, coherent and likely to prevail in the long-
term --- and reporting those efforts in ways which the participants agree are accurate and
reasonable representations of their own efforts.

 3. The above should be done for the major points of view of participants in the Alienative-
Conflicts; two or more as the case may be.

 4. Offering suggestions of what the participants might most helpfully do themselves to mitigate 
their own alienative conflict(s); in the light of what the students have learning in the course; 
and before taking the course.

 5. What has been said by the press, news analysts and commentators --- about how best to mitigate
the conflicts.

 6. The efforts of outside groups to influence the outcomes of the conflicts --- and the reasons
for such outside groups to make such efforts.

7. What has been said by recent and current political candidates about the alienative-conflicts
and their Net-Long-Term-Costs to the whole crew of God's Astronomically-Tiny Space-Ship-Earth.