The healths of each community and of its individuals --- all depend upon each other in ways that
all who are involved need to work on clarifying and understanding --- to augment each kind of
health and integrity.  It is impossible to augment the following kinds of health, in the absence
of focusing an appropriate fraction of our attention upon each relevant factor. Neglect is always

We need to ATTEND to:
1.Each and every person's various kinds of health: a. Physiological and basic medical care for each person who is present. b. The ability to move, exercise, travel, work, learn, relax and communicate. c. Educational and spiritual growth and communication. d. Personal and communal relationships in Open-and-Honest-Dialogues; within communal sanctuaries. e. Regular participation in politically relevant activities. f. Distributive justice within a healthy and well integrated economy serving all well. 2. Evolving Consensuses about: a. Honorable Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues --- and about Tragically Misleading Vices. b. What behaviors are, and are not, long-term-tolerable within a healthy community. c. What formal rights ALL persons should be able to enjoy with integrity. d. What facts are objectively demonstrated to be reliably true and well integrated facts. e. What opinions are NOT well substantiated and NOT reliable in MANY contexts. f. What statements are incoherent, and cannot be confirmed in any meaningful ways in any context. g. What compulsive preoccupations are misleading, futile and signs of debilitating dis-ease. h. What compulsive preoccupations are dangerous and generally not tolerable. i. Appropriate Distributions of Wealth, Powers and Influence. j. The Management of Due-Processes-of-Justice-for-ALL. k. How to help people to Mitigate-their-Own Alienative-Conflicts and Troubling-Differences. l. How to most helpfully respond to Domineering-Bullies-and-Mobbing-Mobsters. m. What are honorable foci for much attention within each kind of context. n. What are dishonorable foci for much attention within each kind of context. o. Alieinative issues about humane Control and Freedoms.