Course Keys ****

The Processes-of-Conflict-Mitigation are overall in the Long-Term-Helpful, only to the
extent that the Processes DO-NOT-INVOLVE:

 1. OUTSIDERS-INTRUDING-OVERALL-UNINVITED into a conflict which they do not understand in terms 
of the views and perspectives of the primary-participants-and-victims; and probably for reasons 
which make the intruders likely to favor one small group of people --- more than any other group 
of people.

 2. Domination by people who are NOT-TRUSTETD by significant groups of participants in and/or 
victims of the Alieantive-Conflicts.

 3. Domination of poor and/or vulnerable people who are dominatetd by any ALIENATIVE: means,
technologies and/or idologies that are controlled by: wealthy and/or powerful and invulnerable: 
people, institutions, traditions, cultures, coaligions, etc.

 4. Augmentations of pre-existing: alienations, distrust, ignorance, confusions and/or prejudices.

 5. Crerations of new forms of: alienation, distrust, ignorance, confusion and/or prejudices.

 6. Affirmations of Myths-of-Redemptive: Violence, Coercion, Prescriptions, Proscriptions, Taboos,
Unilateral-Actions and/or Domination.

 7. People who totally trust any one ISOLATED/ALIENATED: Truth, Power, Ideal, Value, Myth, Leader,
Vision, Text, etc.