Course Keys ****

When we encounter dysfunctional behaviors on the part of other people --- how can we discern how-
we-can-respond in fully-functional-ways which are: 

 1. ATTUNED TO others who are engaged with many different people participating within Open-and-
Honest-Dialogues - - - regarding Our-Mitigating-our-own-Alienative-Conflicts?

 2. ATTUNED In-Informed-Ways to other people's different: perspectives, attitudes, assumptions, 
beliefs, ideals, values, principles, cultures, religions, etc. --- mutually confirmed?

 3. ATTUNED TO helping other people to work to mitigate Their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts?

 4. ATTUNED TO the realities of the regularities that are described accurately-and-reliably by 
well-confirmed scientific-laws that are coherently-integrated in honest-ways by well-confirmed-
theories --- about which there are overwhelming global-consensuses which transcend the: cultures, 
religions, and  nationalities of the scientists who are well-informed about all of the relevant 
experiences and data.

 5. ATTUNED TO the limited amounts of pure: air, water, minerals, soils and other natural 
resources which are now within Space-Ship-Earth --- thereby placing ULTIMATE-LIMITS upon the
patterns of Exponential-Growth in human activities; and so define what will NOT-BE Sustainable
Life-Styles for mortals in the long-term --- within any attainable and sustainable contexts.

 6. ATTUNED TO how we within Space-Ship-Earth are essentially totally isolated from all extensive
natural physical material resources - - - which are outside of Space-Ship-Earth now; which is an
Astronomically-Tiny-Speck of matter within our local: Solar-System, Galaxy, Cluster-of-Galaxies,
and expanding volume of Cosmic-Space-Time.

 7. ATTUNED TO the futility of mortals' efforts to WIN Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception
which are focused upon DENIGRATING the Inconvenient Truths pointed to by the above texts.

It is NOT-HELPFUL to get stuck in responding to ONLY Isolated-Questions that can be responded to 
(or must be responded to) with either "YES" or "NO" --- OR OTHER DICHOTOMOUS MUTUALLY-EXCLUSIVE
RESPONSES --- which augment own patterns of ALIENATION and ALIENATIVE-CONFLICTS in deadly ways!

It is NOT-HELPFUL to permit people who trust only a limited spectrum of realities --- which are 
trusted only by: Domineering-Bullies, Economists and/or Corporations that are Dedicated Primarily-
to Concentrating in UNLIMITED-WAYS --- Wealth-and-Powers for INVESTORS who seek to have a MONOPOLY
on Framing-Questions and Regulating-Permitted-Responses-to-Questions - - - in Dichotomous-and-
Alienative ways.  

The slippery-road to HELL is paved by the "good-intentions" of greedy people!