True-Wisdom-and-Prudence DO-NOT originate in, nor flow from: any form of: fear, terrorism or 
anxiety --- separated/isolated from personal experiences which have been the focus of open-and-
honest-dialogue with different people who are together in true-communal-sanctuaries.

True-Wisdom-and-Prudence DO ORIGINATE IN, AND FLOW FROM: Open-and-Honest-Dialogues among 
different people who therein focus upon their different:

 1. Perspectives-and-Perceptions,
 2. Views-and-Points-of-View,
 3. Basic-Humane-Needs-and-Desires,
 4. Hopes-and-Aspirations,
 5. Visions, Dreams and Insights,
 6. Attitudes-and-Assumptions,
 7. Modes-of-Reasoning,
 8. Modes-of-Communication,
 9. Modes-of-Understanding,
10. Modes-of-Making-Affirmations,

11. Clusters-of-Mutually-Supportive:
    a. Ideals,
    b. Values,
    c. Principles,
    d. Virtues,
    e. Insights,
    f. Form-of-Integrity,
    g. Forms of Integration-Processes,
    h. Ways of Being-Authentic.

12. Descriptions of:
    a. Objective:  Realities, Processes, Relationships;
    b. Reflexive:  Realities, Processes, Relationships;
    c. Subjective: Realities, Processes, Relationships.

13. Understandings of:
    a. The Transcendent-Ways-of-Shalom,
    b. How to Transcend Vices and Alienations,
    c. How to Help-Each-Other To-Mitigate our Own-Alienative-Conflicts,
    d. How to Help-Each-Other To-Mitigate our Own-Alienations.