We cannot live a well-balanced-life so long as we systematically take care to AVOID:

1. Traveling outside of our own village, town, city, province, and/or state; 
remaining provincial people in ignorance of the wider world.

2. Encountering new: ideas, ideals, values, principles, modes of communication, personal-
relationships, intimate-relationships modes of exploration, etc.

3. Strangers and their many different perspective which may challenge our own perspectives.

4. Open-and-Honest-Dialogues with new and different people, strangers and cultural backgrounds.

5. Reflexive-Systems-Analyses regarding how we can help each other to Mitigate-Our-Own-
Alienative-Conflicts; and our own different kinds of alienation.

6. Liberation from Our-Own:
   a. Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception,
   b. Addictions - - - and Codependent Supporters of our Addictions,
   c. Alienative Concentrations of Wealth-Influence-and-Powers,
   d. Modern forms of Idols-and-Idolatry,
   e. Being-Superior to Our-Inferiors,
   f. Knowing Who-is-Evil,
   g. Knowing Who-is-Good,
   h. Knowing Who-is-Superior,
   i. Knowing Who-is-Inferior,
   j. Knowing What-is-God's-Will,
   k. Forms of Mental-Illness, Anxieties, Fears, Terrors, Terrorism, etc.
   l. Myths which affirm Redemptive: Violence, Coercion, Controls, Unilateral-Actions;
   p. Myths which affirm Redemptive-Concentrations-of-Power-and-Wealth;
   q. Myths which affirm Redemptive-Winning of Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception;
   r. Myths which affirm the virtues of UNILATERAL:
         Salvation, Redemption, Purification, Evangelism, Excommunications, Shunnings,
         Imprisonments, Invulnerability, Defenses, and Mutually-Assured-Destruction.
   s. Avoidance of: Intimacies, Risks, Hospitality, Generosity, Open-and-Honest-Dialogues.