Different People communicate in Different-Ways --- using their own Different-Voices - - - which 
not all people will understand as intended:

Poetry          Song            Music           Mathematics             Parables

Similes         Novels          Stories         Conversations           Epics

Mysteries       Science         Mathematics     Explorations            Descriptions

Essays          Footnotes       References      Implications            Being-Present

Dance           Paintings       Vectors         Blogs                   Non-Violence-Resistance

Often new kinds of messages can be communicated by inventing and using new: words, phrases,
languages and "voices".

People who are unwilling and/or unable to listen to such new words, phrases, languages and "voices"
- - - cannot receive such new message, learn to communicate such new message, nor learn what such
new messages can communicate about graciously helping to Mitigate Their-Own Alienative-Conflicts.