Addicts are often fixated upon, and preoccupied-with "Unbalanced-Solutions" to their "problems"
which are actually NOT technical-problems; but rather are difficult Human-Dilemmas that need to
be mitigated through non-technical cooperative-efforts focused upon Mitigating Our Conflicts in 
Shalom's-Many-Gracious-Ways that help people to Mitigate-Their-Own:

 1. Alienative-Conflicts,
 2. Alienations from Each-Other,
 3. Domineering-Life-Styles,
 4. Concentrations of Wealth-and-Powers,
 5. Alienative-Ideologies,
 6. Alienative-Dogmas,
 7. Alienative-Rituals.

The "problems" which Addicts are fixated upon, are usually Reflexive in-Nature; i.e., Dilemmas 
that relate to and/or grow out of REFLEXIVE:

 1. Fears,
 2. Anxieties,
 3. Alienation,
 4. Insecurity,
 5. Mental-Diseases,
 6. Unmitigated-Alienative-Conflicts,
 7. Trying to win Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception,
 8. Desires for Revenge/Dominance,
 9. Desires to Be-Unilaterally-In-Control,
10. Desires for Invulnerability,
11. Desires for Certainty,
12. Envy,
13. Greed,
14. Isolation,
15. Rejection,
16. Banishments,
17. Shunnings,
18. Excommunications.