Course Keys ****
People who are seeking to help others in the other's own personal efforts to mitigate their Own-
Alienative-Conflicts --- undermine such efforts; to the extent that the helpers are involved in 
and/or complicit in the following:

 1. The Thought-Patterns, Life-Styles, Ideologies and Behavior-Patterns of Domineering-Bullies and

 2. Efforts to Unilaterally-Manage --- Steps to Achieve any unilaterally pre-defined: goal, 
purpose, destination or a state-of-perfection-or-superiority.

 3. The unilateral use of manipulative-alienative-techniques and/or technologies --- of any form.

 4. Relying upon the alienative services of specialists, experts and/or technocrats.

 5. Honoring just a very few isolated: people, virtues, ideals, goals, principles, demands, 
commandments, prescriptions, proscriptions or taboos --- with alienative outcomes.

 6. The Concentration-of-Wealth and/or Powers --- and/or Complicity in Enjoying-the-Benefits of
pre-existing Concentrations-of-Wealth-and/or Powers --- with alienative outcomes.

 7. Affirming and/or Demonstrating Exclusive-Relationships-With: People, Ideals, Values, 
Principles, Virtues, Technologies, and/or Techniques.

It is reasonable and proper for poor, vulnerable and/or powerless people to be suspicious of, 
and to distrust --- people that are complicit in the above thoughts and behaviors.