The religious doctrines of "Original-Sin" and of "Predestination" suggest that the causes of 
some human conditions have been via factors which transcend accessible evidence that can be
experienced by people alive today. The cure for "Original-Sin" seems to exist in some unilateral
actions of transcendent Powers-That-Be - - - beyond human: experience, discernment and under-

HOWEVER, There is ample modern-evidence that human-alienations and alienative-conflicts are very 
strongly-correlated-with and often-caused-by: admiring, honoring and imitating the following 
pervasive-aspects of Domineering-Bullies' and Mobbing-Monsters' Life-Styles:

 1. Unilateral-Actions that Undermine-Cooperation,
 2. Arrogance and Self-Righteousness,
 3. Egocentric-Perspectives of all that happens,
 4. Greed, Envy, Covetousness and Hoarding,
 5. Domination, Contentiousness and Polarizations,
 6. Fragmentations and Dichotomizations,
 7. Negativity and Pessimism,
 8. Violence and Insensitivity,
 9. Preoccupations with MORE, and with Exponential-Growths-in-amounts,
10. Controls, Prescriptions, Proscriptions and Taboos,
11. Punishments and Prisons,
12. Trying to Win-Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception, dominated by hidden rules;
13. Winning, at the Expense of More Vulnerable Poor People,
14. Needing to have People-to-Defeat and/or To-Destroy,
15. Being Proud of Extremes of Destruction,
16. Being Guided by: Anxiety, Fear, Ignorance, Prejudices and Biases;
17. Copying the Behaviors of Experts in Demonstrating-Alienative-Vices.
18. Copying Patterns of Concentrating-Wealth,
19. Copying Patterns of Concentrating-Powers,
20. Prevailing in Alienative-Competitions-and-Contests,
21. Avoiding being involved in creative affirmations,
22. Avoiding Open-and-Honest-Discussions about Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters,
23. Being-Intolerant of honest/creative people who explore new realms of understanding realities,
24. Being-Intolerant of Whatever-People-Cannot-Control.
25. Being-Intolerant of the Mitigation of Alienative-Conflicts and the Generation-of-Alienation.