Affirmations of and Demonstrations of various Clusters-of-Virtues and/or Vices --- are usually 
associated with characteristic "States-of-Being-Together" in patterns of Integrative-Cooperation 
and/or Patterns of Alienative-Conflicts --- which Extend-and-Expand the Lives-of-True-Lovers and
Constrain-and-Terminate the Conflicts-of-Domineering-Bullies; depending upon what Clusters-of- 
Virtues and/or Clusters-of-Vices --- are frequently affirmed and/or denigrated --- in clear or 
confusing ways.

Associated with each of the above, are Eigen-Values ( Proper-Values  ) which are descriptive of 
how much is Created-or-Destroyed as regards to:

 1. Energy/Activity,
 2. Creativity/Exploration,
 3. Mutual-Understanding and Balance,
 4. Personal Integrity and Authenticity,
 5. Communal Integrity and Authenticity,
 6. Personal Contentiousness and/or Pretentiousness,
 7. Communal Contentiousness and/or Pretentiousness,
 8. Balance and Adaptability,
 9. Endurance and Sustainability,
10. Respect, Honor and/or Admiration,
11. Denigration, Anger and/or Revenge.

In the above, much depends upon how-complete are the clusters of virtues and/or vices which are
recognized via broad consensuses, as adequate in offering Accurate-Descriptions of what will most
likely be the fruits of various affirmations.

In times of Low-Levels of Communal-and-Personal Integrities-and-Integration-Processes --- we all
need to ask:

 1. What Essential: Virtues, Ideals, Values, Principles and Affirmations --- have been: Forgotten,
Ignored, Isolated, Denigrated, Shunned, Excommunicated, etc?

 2. What Isolated/Pretentious: Vices, "Goals, Intentions, Plans, Desires, Wants, Assumptions and 
Perspectives --- have been regarded as --- Admirable, Honorable, Right and/or Beyond-Question.

 3. What have been the details of the dynamics of recent processes of personal-and-communal 
reflexive: disintegrations, contentiousness, negations and Alienative-Conflicts.

 4. In what ways have systemic communal patterns-of-behaviors --- undermined/denied basic
principles of Distributive-Justice?

 5. Are efforts helpful --- when they focus upon trying to identify authoritatively:
    a. WHO is most-to-blame, to-be-shamed and/or to-be-clearly-guilty of Wrong-Doing?
    b. WHO is Superior and/or Good?
    c. Who is Inferior and/or Evil?

 6. What are the natures of the different Ego-Centric-Motivations of Imperfect-True-Lovers and 
imperfect-Domineering-Bullies --- and how do those Imperfections play roles in efforts to Mitigate-
Alienative-Conflicts within which the people are complicit-in and/or victims of Domintion?