"Virtues" are "patterns-of-affirmations-and-behaviors" which if they are "affirmed-in-gracious-
ways" help-people to "be-intimately-together in Shalom's-Many-Integrative Ways of Healthy-Yet-

"Virtues" are like "Eigen Functions" which clarify what "Eigen Values" help to "make-sense-of-life", 
just as "wave-functions" in Wave-Quantum-Mechanics are the "answers to the questions that are asked" 
by Differential-Wave-Equations  --- and the "Right-Wave-Function" "Satisfies" the "Physical-System's 
properly formulated Wave-Equation", and has an "associated Numerical-Eigen Value." 
(In German "eigen" indicates "proper" and/or "own".)

"Vices" are "patterns of affirmations and behavior which --- if they are affirmed and demonstrated 
as if they were "Virtues" --- will make it impossible for those involved to be intimately together 
in Shalom's Many-Integrative-Ways of Healthy-Yet-Risky-Intimacy.  "Vices" are like "Pseudo-Eigen-
Functions"; which Tragically-Mislead-People into Thinking-and-and-Feeling that they have the 
Exclusive   Keys-to-the-Kingdom-of-Heaven's   Locked-Impenetrable-Doors.