Is it Healthy-to-Fear: The-Transcendent, The-Omniscient, The-Omnipotent, The-Omnipresent,
God, The-Wealthy, The-Powerful, The-Bullies, The-Mobsters, The-Military, The-Police?
If so, does such fear facilitate-and-promote the overall-long-term Global-Mitigation of:

Alienative-Conflicts?   Alienative-Violence?    Alienative-Coercion?	

Alienative-Dishonesty?  Alienative-Pretence?    Alienative-Technocracies?

What does such fear actually promote and facilitate?

What would be more integrative than such fear?

 1. Reconciliations?

 2. Mutual-Understanding?

 3. Open-and-Honest-Dialogues?

 4. Balanced-Cooperation?

 5. Consensuses about Clusters of Reconciling-Affirmations?

 6. Clarity about Vices and Virtues in Isolation Being-Confused with each other?

 7. Clarity about Mutually-Complementary Clusters-of-True-Virtues?

Where can we find helpful responses to the questions which are implicit in the above texts?