Just as there are "conservation-laws" which with incredible accuracy and reliability describe
objective natural processes in ways confirmed by scientists from many diverse: countries, cultures
and nations around the whole world --- so also it is clear that sustainable-long-term-mitiations
of Alienative-Conflicts cannot be accomplished BY-MEANS-OF:

 1. Dishonest/Pretentious Means and/or Technologies/Technocrats.
 2. Unilateral-Actions taken by people on one side of any Alienative-Conflict.
 3. "Redemptive": Violence, Coercion, Controls, Domination or Unilateral-Actions.
 4. Any preponderance of human and/or humane powers.
 5. People who are on principle alienated from each other.
 6. People who do not understand each other and/or communicate with each other.
 7. People who are not involved in open-and-honest Dialogue-with-Each-Other.
 8. People who are trying to WIN Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception at each other's expense.
 9. Military-Industrial-Congressional Complexes.
10. Contentious, Dichotomous and/or Polarized People of any kind.
11. Superior-People who are controlling Inferior-People.
12. The Concentration of Great Wealth-and-Powers.
13. ALIENATIVE: Technologies, Teachniques, Means, and Technocrats of any Superior-Kinds.

The above observations relate to reliable patterns in reflexive-relationships within, between and
among human beings and human communities of all sizes and kinds.  The patterns are not described
in the language of mathematics or symbolic logic or theologians;  but we can offer accurate
descriptions of those patterns without resorting to traditional languages which are not fitting 
for reflexive relationships and descriptions.  Different kinds of realities require different and 
appropriate kinds of languages to point out the major features of the realities; in helpful and 
gracious ways.