In the absence of communal-consensuses about what Coherent-Clusters of MUTUALLY-SUPPORTIVE: ideals, 
values, principles and virtues truly merit our: honor, admiration and favorable attention --- 
Domineering-Bullies can find marginal ways to get more than enough attention to move the 
boundaries of society --- in the direction of giving more favorable attention to the successes of 
Domineering-Bullies --- On-Their-Terms --- regarding what assumptions, attitudes and approaches 
TO-ISOLATED: ideals, values, virtues, and principles MOST MERIT OUR ATTENTION, RESPECT AND HONOR 
ON-THEIR-TERMS --- which undermine both personal and communal integrities and integration-processes.

We are seriously at risk --- when Domineering-Bullies CAN GET/STEAL ATTENTION --- on what appear
to be favorable terms --- because there is a continuing absence of Communal-Consensus about what
COHERENT MUTUALLY-SUPPORTIVE CLUSTERS of: ideals, values, principles, and virtues --- Truly-Merit
our honor, admiration, attention and perhaps even reverence.