When we are asked in a domineering-way to accept additional duties, responsibilities, financial
obligations and/or powers --- we will do well to ask: What should be my primary considerations 
in deciding what I will do?

    We will each need to consider questions such as the following questions:

 1. Am I already over-committed and/or over-worked?
 2. Is my health at risk because of the above?
 3. Can I authentically and with integrity welcome the additional demands that would be put on me?
 4. Can  I  with integrity lighten my existing responsibilities?
 5. Am I truly qualified to take on the additional new duties?
 6. Are there few other people qualified to take on the new duties, or many?
 7. Is it time for me to let-go of too-long-held-responsibilities?
 8. Can I with integrity bear the financial costs involved?
 9. Can I with integrity fulfill my current and the additional new responsibilities?
10. What current responsibilities would I have to let-go-of to take on the new ones?

If we cannot in authentic ways and with integrity deal with such questions; it is unlikely that
we will be able in authentic ways and integrity fulfill the new responsibilities.  Beware!

The effect of the additional responsibilities may be to distract us from doing what we are best
qualified to do --- and to make us more vulnerable to Domineering-Bullies' Disintegrative-Efforts.