Inhumane-Perversions usually involve reversals of many, if not most, consensuses about which of 
many humane: desires, fantasies and intentions are usually: admirable, worthy of honor, and 
emulation by very large fractions of the crew of our Astronomically-Tiny-Space-Ship-Earth:

Healthy Foci:                   Become Unhealthy-Foci

Hospitality                     Denigrations
Generosity                      Greed
Distributive-Justice            Wealth-Concentrations
Neighborly-Love                 Covetousness
Neighborly-Cooperation          Domination
Democratic-Processes            Terrorism
Shalom                          Attacks
Love                            Power-Concentrations
Intimacy                        Invulnerability
Integrations                    Mobbings
Integrities                     Conformity
Kindness                        Demands
Suggestions                     Commands
Empathy                         Indifference
Sympathy                        Meanness
Sensitivity                     Insensitivity
Understanding                   Intolerance
Tolerance                       Arrogance
Humility                        Hubris
Modesty                         Violence
Honesty                         Collusive Games of MSD

Virtues-become-Vices		Vices-become-Virtues

Participants try to WIN collusive games of Mutual-Self-Deception!    

Participants focus upon isolated and mutually exclusive ideals, values and virtues --- to WIN!

               Such games cannot be won!