Course Keys ****
The Effectiveness of Visionaries who --- by personal and official dedications --- are committed
to: Envisioning, Describing, Pointing-Toward, and Articulating what it might be like for the Whole-
Crew-of-Space-Ship-Earth --- to Enjoy All Being Together in the Diverse Integrative-Ways-of-Shalom
- - - WILL-BE-UNDER-MINED - - - To-The-Extent-That:

 1. They are viewed as having Official-Powers to represent the Intentions, Expectations, Plans
and/or  Policies of major   national and international leaders --- to each other in official 
negotiations;   or to the public at large.

 2. They are viewed as   having-duties  which  are  constrained  by  traditional: Intentions, 
Expectations, Plans and/or Policies --- related to maximizing: Profits, Power-concentrations, 
Wealth-Concentrations, Influence-Concentrations, Advantages, Invulnerability, Dominance-Controls, 
Egocentric-Security, etc.

 3. They respond-to and talk-about questions that are framed in terms of the above traditional 
kinds of relationships between international leaders.

 4. They are unclear in their public declarations --- about their Committments-and-Dedications.