While True-Interdependence among members of a community is a sign of a healthy and well 
integrated community --- beware of respecting Unilateral/Unbalanced DEPENDENCE in the same way
--- especially in the presence of Domineering-Bullies, Mobbing-Mobsters, Profiteers, Greedy-People,
Violent-People, Militarists, and Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complexes.

While Overall-Global-Net-Profits from Global-Corporative-Behaviors are signs of Global-Health-and-
Integrity --- the smaller that the realm of the Net-Profits are in Space-and-Time, the less reliable
are the Signs of Investing On-Credit for Communally-Essential efforts to meet the most basic needs 
for health-care, transport, energy-conservation and the development of renewable energy-resources
as wise --- but not so for luxuries for just a small fraction of the Whole-Crew of our own local
Astronomically-Tiny Space-Ship-Earth --- in the absence of DISTRIBUTIVE-JUSTICE for the Whole-Crew!

Be aware of what Life-Styles are Long-Term-Not-Sustainable; and Beware of "honoring" them!