Our Educational-Programs will continue to be deficient so long as we fail to include in them our 
helping the vast majority of students to learn how they can contribute to our recognizing and 
Helpfully-Augmenting GLOBAL Integrity-Stability-and-Sustainability as regards OUR-HEALTH: 
Environmentally, Communally, Personally, Spiritually, Economically, Technically, Scientifically, 
Culturally and Descriptively --- for the Full-Crew of our Astronomically-Tiny-Space-Ship-Earth.

It is essential that we become-honest about the implications of each form of Exponential-Growth 
within each form of a finite volume of each kind of Material-Resources such as pure: air, water, 
fossil-fuels, minerals, living-beings, etc.  Each form of Exponential-Growth is not sustainable 
in the long-term.  It is essentially-disintegrative to pretend-otherwise! All forms of pretense 
are disintegrative in-the-long-term for the Whole-Crew of Tiny-Space-Ship-Earth. Be-Aware and