"Insights" are "quanta" of understanding which ripple thorugh overall-human-understandings and 
help people to become liberated from trusting:

 1. Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception - - - which CANNOT BE WON.
 2. Myths about the Redemptive-Powers of: ALIENATIVE:
    Conflicts, Violence, Contentionsness, Controls, 
    Commands, Demands, Domination, Unilateral-Actions, 
    Invulnerability, etc.
 3. Isolated-Alienative "Transcendent": Doctrines, Absolute-Truth, God-Talk, Theology, Certainty, 
    Dogmas, Taboos, Rituals, Traditions, Excommunications, Shunnings, Prisons, etc.  --- which
    "transcend" humane experiences-and-insights.
 4. Thoughtlessness and Indifference to Suffering.
 5. Concentrations of Great Wealth-Powers-and-Influence.
 6. Opinions, Beliefs and Assumptions which have no foundation in humane experiences.
 7. Consensuses within Incoherent-Groups which are Contentious, Polarized and Dichotomized.
 8. Internally-Contradictory Systems of: Assumptions, Beliefs, Convictions and Contentions.
 9. Greed, Hoarding and Clinging to "Posession" with Great-Fear-and-Anxiety.
10. The Guidance of "Fear-and-Anxiety" by Great-Ignorance-Prejudices-and-Alienation.