When a True-Lover or a group of True-Lovers give a Domineering-Bully a prudent and
wise opportunity to be graciously vulnerable-together with others in Shalom's Many
Ways --- what can the Domineering-Bulley do to respond-with-integrity?

 1. Resist the temptation to get intimately involved in a new-and-risky personal-

 2. Remain true-to and committed-to Domineering-Bullies' Life-Styles?

 3. Reaffirm the advantages of Playing-to-Win --- their Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-slelf-Deception?

 4. Return-to-the-Meetings of Coalitions-of-Competing-to-Win-Domineering-Bullies?

 5. Carefully-Avoid thinking-about Taboo-Questions?

 6. Carefully-Avoid Contexts of Open-and-Honest-Dialogue --- with Significantly-Different-People?

In the absence of the Isolated-and-Alienative: ideaologies, ideals, hopes, visions, assumptions,
claims, demands and aspirations - - - of the Life-Styles of Domineering-Bullies --- 
there would be relatively few conflicts between and among:

 A. Domineering-Bullies, Compeating with each Other for Full-Dominance!

 B. Domineering Bullies and True-Lovers --- not truly meeting each other;

 C. Confused Imature "Lovers" --- not truly meeting each other.

"Evil" resides in the Unmitigated-Alienative-Confilcts between/among the Isolated-and-Alienative:
Ideologies, Ideals, Hopes, Visions, Assumptions, Claims, Demands and Aspirations ---
of The Life Styles of Domineering-Bullies!  

So also, Evil resides within many efforts to identify Who-is-Evil, and Who-is-Good and which 
groups of people are "Evil", and which groups of people are "Good".

"Evil" reside within Relationships-of-Alienation; not within individual Isolated-People whom
other (or they-themselves) have labeled as "Evil-People".

"Evil" cannot be mitigated the by Unilateral-Actions by any person, persons, power, or powers.

"Evil" can be mitigated only through cooperative efforts of those who are involved in Alienative-
Conflicts and Relationships-of-Alienation --- seeking to cooperate in Mitigating-Their-Own 
Alienative-Conflicts and the Alienations-Born-Within-Such Alienative-Conflicts --- because of 
the unmitigatted conflicts between/among their "highest": Ideals, Values, Principes, Hopes,
Aspirations, Virtues, Committments, Covenants --- to which they cling with their greatest levels
of devotion --- without concern about the Alienative-Costs of that "devotion".