Different kinds of motivations tend to generate different kinds of behaviors:

Kind,           Mean,
Reconciling     Alienative,
Creative,       Destructive,
Informed,       Ignorant,
Fair,           Unjust,
Integrative,    Disintegrative,
Cooperative,    Domineering,
Generous,       Greedy,
Thoughtful,     Thoughtless,
Patient,        Impulsive,
Tolerant,       Intolerant,
Healthy,        Sickening,
Collaborative,  Contentious,
Honest,         Collusive,
Authentic,      Pretentious.

How can we motivate people in ways that best lead to the augmentation of the "common-good" by
people helping each other to mitigate their own greed and their own alienative-conflicts?

We need to keep in mind that Alienative-Motivations focus people's attentions tragically upon
concentrations of ALIENATIVE:

 1. Possessions,
 2. Wealth,
 3. Luxuries,
 4. Honors,
 5. Winning-Contests,
 6. Knowing Who-is-Evil,
 7. Knowing-Who-is-Good,
 8. Proprieties,
 9. Formalities,
10. Conformity,
11. Pretentious-Simplicity,
12. Denials-of-Complexity,
13. Entertainments,
14. Passivity,
15. Lethargy,
16. Profits,
17. Etc.

The above is a Self-Augmenting Alienative-Feed-Back-Loop --- which leads to Exponential-Growth in
various forms of ALIENATION; a SELF-DESTRUCTIVE-PROCESS that is not sustainable in any way ---
as it leads naturally to the Exponential-Decay of residual forms of Personal-and-Communal-
Integrity; the fall of civility and civilizations.