Course Keys **** True-Prophets Speak-Balanced-Truths about Powerful-and-Wealthy Bullies-and-Mobbing- Mobsters - - - who hide how they have been complicit in and/or profited from unfair, but honored, patterns of concentrating wealth and powers. True-Prophets expose to public view the ways in which Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing- Mobsters us and abuse sophisticated/complex technologies to use and abuse their own unfair advantages over the most poor and vulnerable: babies, infants, children, poor- people, handicapped-people, widows, females, and minorities of all disadvantaged- kinds - - - to augment the advantages of the already most rich and powerful people. This is most often done in obscure/hidden systemic ways which involve the abuse of "good": laws, rules, regulations, virtues, ideals, values, moral-codes, ethical- injunctions, expectations, individualism, and visions of personal-responsibility. Whenever any large fraction of decisions about human relationships are being facilitated by Mathematical-Computations, the Following-Realities often get Filtered- Out-of-Consideration in such Decision-Making. Alienation Resentment Anger Injustice Distributive-Injustice Hospitality Generosity Kindness Empathy Sympathy Diplomacy Patience Tolerance Forgiveness Reconciliation Healing Intimacy Affection Love Shalom Sharing Romance Sexuality Lack of Due-Processes in Judicial-Procedures In-Making-Judgements The Costs-of-Knowing Who-is-Good and Who-is-Evil In Knowing-God's-Will Personal-Relationships that are dominated by Decisions-and-Actions of persons who are "outsiders" to the Personal-Relationships - - - are Personal-Relationships which are unlikely to demonstrate the following virtues which are Essential-Foundations for Robust-and-Sustainable Personal-and-Communal Integration-Processes and Present- Integrities. Kindness Sympathy Empathy Generosity Hospitality Sensitivity Honesty Authenticity Flexibility Tolerance Patience Mutuality Creativity Exploration Adaptability So long as the above and other additional virtues form integrated clusters of mutually-supportive are Coherently-Affirmed-and-Demonstrated by people who are participants in authentic-personal-relationships - - - it is those persons shared desires and pleasures that should play major roles in guiding and motivating their healthy-personal-relationships - - - - - NOT-the-Pleasures-and-Desires of OUTSIDERS demonstrating by words and deeds the Life-Styles of Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing- Mobsters. HOWEVER: Outsiders' difficulties with their OWN Ignorance, Biases, Prejudices, Vices, and Alienative-Forms-of-Idealism - - - - - must be given due informed and gracious consideration; when they attempt to come to terms with them, with True-Lovers and others who are attempting to Mitigate-Their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts.