Course Keys **** In Classical-Mechanics as successfully formulated by Isaac Newton; the "Dynamics" of Objects are understood and described in the language-of-mathematics in terms of the Total-Force acting upon each object, the mass of each object, and the acceleration of each object - - - - - being equal to the (Vector-Sum-of-all-Forces acting Upon-the- Object) divided by the mass of the abject. Our own existential-situations are different when we are trying to understand our reflexive-relationships within persona-interactions and reflexive-considerations of each other; as perceived differently by each other who is different. The objective: forces, masses and accelerations of the people who are reflexively involved - - - are rarely the focus of any helpful consideration! While objective facts may play some roles, the major roles are played by reflexive-considerations as seen by all of the different people who are involved. To deal helpfully with: (1) Personal-reflexive-interactions, (2) Alienative-conflicts and (3) Consequent patterns of: alienation, anger, resentment, revenges, distrust, domination, estrangement, violence, coercion, etc. - - - the following reflexive realities must play central roles in the DYNAMICS of the processes - - - and must be the focus of gracious-attention - - - in order for the participant/victims to Mitigate-Their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts: A. Each person's Perspectives and Points-of-View. B. Each person's Personal-History since conception: Family, Education, Friendships, Intimacies, Fights, Threats, Work-Experience, Romances, Sexual-Relationships, Religious-Activities, Religious-Orientations, Languages-Used, Gender-Identities, Political-Activities, Involvements-in-Conflicts, and involvements in Concentrat- ions of Wealth, Powers, Luxuries, and Alienative-Relationships-and-Controversies. C. Victimizations and Injuries suffered by each person due to activities of others. D. Each person's Complicity in Victimizing others through Domination and Violence. E. Each person's involvement in Ideological/Conceptual Evolutions-and-Conflicts.