Course Keys **** In order to Graciously-Mitigate our own Alienative-Conflicts - - - we need to seek to understand the Dynamics-of-Unhealthy: Alienations Estrangements Disaffections Inconsistencies Severances Excommunications Separations Aberrations Solitude Isolations Seclusions Entrapments Imprisonments Antagonisms Dissensions Enmities Negations Exclusions Intolerance Rejections Conflicts Abandonments Dichotomies Polarizations Superiority Inferiority Injuries Attacks Incoherence Dishonesty Pretentions Arrogance Righteousness Hubris Domination Greed Hoarding Luxuries Powers Influences Controls Prescriptions Proscriptions Taboos Conformity Submission Intimacies Sexuality Addictions Codependency Independence Egocentricism Unilateral-Acts Threats Secrecy Above the focus is upon Personal-Reflexive-Relationships; while objective relations also play roles - - - as in: Violence Terrorism Wars Bombings Gun-uses Rape Arson Genocide Gang-Wars Bullying The word "dynamics" is here intended to call attention to the complex-interactions and inter-relationships among all of the above kinds of realities and their inter- related patterns of evolution - - - - and how they all affect the possibilities of facilitating and encouraging the Mitigation of Our-Alienative-Conflicts related to the above realities. In the absence of a clear understanding of these alienative interactions and their evolving inter-relationships - - - there is little hope for the fulfillment of the possibilities of the mitigation of Our-Own Alienative-Conflicts. In addition to dealing with the PRESENCE of the above realities, we must also deal with the More-Difficult-Tasks of recognizing, describing and addressing the tragic and alienative ABSENCE - - - - - of missing-and-unrecognized Essential-Foundations for Personal-and-Communal Integration-Processes and Present-Integrities. Ask: WHO and WHAT-ESSENTIAL-REALITIES ARE-ABSENT; but not missed?