Course Keys **** Often a part Mitigating-Alienative-Conflicts must include the clarification of the damage done by ignorance about and/or confusion-over-and-about the REPRESSION-OF: 1. Healthy-and-Honest sexual-activities and pleasures. 2. Healthy-and-Honest sexual-desires and thoughtful consideration of them. 3. Open-and-Honest Healthy-Dialogues about these experiences and considerations. 4. Knowledge about the disintegrative consequences due to Related-Ignorance. 5. Knowledge of costs of Playing-to-WIN Collusive-Games of Mutual-Self-Deception. 6. Knowledge of costs of describing the Rules-for-Winning the above Games of MSD. 7. Knowledge of costs of dropping-out of any Games of MSD. 8. Knowledge of costs of Knowing: Who-is-Good, Who-is-Evil, and God's-Will.