Course Keys **** Some realities are usually Alienative in their long-term-over-all effects and bitter- fruits - - - and appropriately should elicit our-own gracious-efforts to Mitigate- Those-Tragic-Realities. Some other realities are usually Integrative in their long-term-over-all effects and sweet-fruits - - - and appropriately should elicit our-own gracious-efforts to Augment-Those-Integrative-Realities. Some realities exist in Differing-Contexts and need either mitigation or augmentation as guided by thoughtful-informed-considerations of their particular contexts in the light of Robust-Balanced-Clusters of Integrative: Ideals, Values, Virtues, Principles, Visions and Ground-for-Sustainable-Long-Term-HOPE in Transcendent-LOVE. Differing-Realities within Differing-Contexts need Differing-Responses depending upon their Differing-Individual-Natures within whatever contexts we find them. No chart of the following sort should be regarded as authoritative and trustworthy as such. Any chart such as this is only suggestive of the kinds of considerations which are appropriate when thinking about what ideals are most appropriate in what contexts and circumstances. Be Aware and Beware of Domineering-Guidance! Headings of the three columns only-suggest what may be called for in each column. Gracious-Mitigations Gracious-Contextual-Consideration Gracious-Augmentations Alienation Suspicion Reconciliation Violence Doubts Kindness Coercion Certainty Gentleness Insensitivity Absolutes Sensitivity Indifference Loyalty Sympathy Abandonment Approaches Reconciliations Fearful-Silence Talking Open-Honest-Dialogue Unbalanced Balanced Mutual-Respect Terror Comfort True-Admiration Deception Accuracy & Candor Trustworthy Prejudices Assumptions Confirmations Oppression Traditions Liberation Alienation Judgements Reconciling-Lovers Simplistic-Fools Leaders Grounds-for-Hope Ruts Habits Robust and Sustainable Luxurious Consumption Frugality Shalom & Peace Revenge Attitudes Authenticity Torture Obedience Empathy Demands Commands Prescriptions Suggestions Slavery Expectations Collaborations Unilateral-Commands Descriptive-Laws Transcendent-Theories Gangs & Mobs Police Sanctuary-Builders Colonialism & Assassinations External-Enforcement Being-Together-in-Shalom Destruction Descriptions True-Intimacies & Affection Domination Proscriptions Role-Models ABSOLUTE-TRUTH Scriptures Sharing Excommunications Revelations Healing-Love Repression Conformity Kind-Honesty Terrorism Conformity Hospitality Greed Propriety Generosity Selfishness Formality Cooperation Domineering-Bullies Leadership Colaboration Attacks Contracts Dialogue Egocentrism Unity & Resolution Conflict-Mitigation Conflict-Settlements Conflict-Arbitration Enmity-Mitigation Dictators Firm-Decisions True-Consensus Empires Agreeable-Conclusions Shalom Exclusivity Selectivity Inclusivity Superiority Covenants Integrations Hierarchies Purity Authenticity Segregation Standards Health Isolation Admiration Integrities Depression Freedom Sanctuary Repression Liberty Security Dictator Demands Creativity Repression Guidance Imagination Taboos Guilt Forgiveness Invulnerability Vulnerability Security Contentions Rejection Welcomes Denigrations Submission Resistance Excommunication Tolerance Communication Execution Liberation Reconciliation Banishment Inclusivity Hospitality Negations Coalitions Affirmations Isolationism Codependence Interdependence Collusions Promises Dedications Addictions Committments Covenants Conspiracies Planning Cooperation Murders Killings Healings Secrecy Consideration Vision Domination Control Colaboration Suppression Forget & Remember Attentive Arrogance Modesty Humility Covetousness Confidence Generosity Steal Give Distributive-Justice Extortion Tax Health-Care-Relaxation Prejudicial-Actions Concentrations-of-Influence Kind-Justice Capricious-Actions Concentrations-of-Wealth Distributive-Justice Arbitrary-Actions Concentrations-of-Power Due-Process-Procedures Confusion Unity & Coherence Clarity Ignorance Analysis Education Imprisonments Naivete Integrity Punishments Rewards Love Traps & Entrapments Release Transcendence Swords Bombs & Guns Accountable Integration-Process Technocrats & Technocracies Engineering Dilemma-Resolutions Narrow-Specializations Technology & Techniques Humble-Gracious-Servants Alienated-Experts Technical-Competency Healers-of-Poverty Authoritarians Authority Authenticity Demeaning Tenacity Due-Consideration Spying Examination & Analysis Mutual Exploration Impatience Patience & Endurance Integrity Intolerance Tolerance & Adaptability Creativity Being-Stuck Reliable-Stability Dynamic-Love Demands Flexibility Grace Arrogance Pride Sharing Failures Risks Costs Attacks Competition Creativity Invulnerability Winning & Losing Being-Together Exponential-Growth Finite Limits & Limitations Enough & Modesty Territoriality Boundaries & Fences & Walls Communal-Integrity Unkind Kind Grace & Gracious-Help Grudge & Revenge Injury Repentance & Forgiveness What would you helpfully add?