Course Keys **** We cannot Graciously-Mitigate our Primary-Enemies'-Threats to our Personal-and- Communal Integrities-and-Integration-Processes - - - so long as we Tolerate-Our-Own and Each-Other's: Ignorance, Prejudices, Biases and Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self- Deception - - - regarding the identities and the natures of our Primary-Enemies; including: 1. Our Alienations from our True-Selves and from Each-Other - - - Being-True to Each other in Shalom. 2. Our Fears of Our-True-Selves and of Each-Other's True-Selves - - - in LOVE. 3. Our Fears of Open-and-Honest-Dialogues regarding What-is-Enough To-Meet-Our-True- Basic-Needs in the Sustainable-Ways-of-Shalom - - - and what is More-Then-Enough. 4. Our Admiration/Reverence Toward ISOLATED: People Ideals Values Hopes Aspirations Virtues Goals, Plans Technologies Technocrats Defenses Coalitions Corporations Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complexes 5. Our-Own Preoccupations-With OUR-OWN-ISOLATED: Absolutes Truth Certainty Wealth Powers Controls Domination Invulnerability Security Exclusivity Intolerance Perfection Purity Unity Domination Luxuries Knowledge of-Who-Is-Good Knowledge-of-Who-Is-Evil Knowledge-of-God's-Will 6. Our Isolated Certainty that We-are-Superior to others. Our Isolated Certainty that They-are-Inferior to US. 7. OUR-ACCEPTANCE-OF and PREOCCUPATIONS-WITH Myths-about-"REDEMPTIVE": Violence Domination Controls Technologies Technocrats Taboos Prescriptions Proscriptions Conformity Exclusivity Purity Armies Hierarchies Coalitions Economies Navies Air-Forces Destruction Arrogance Self-Righteous Alienation Prisons Punishments Rewards 8. Our Failures to Mitigate-Our-Own Alienative-Conflicts in a timely way.