Course Keys **** Among these essays at can be found Descriptions of ways in which Insiders within healthy personal relationships can Mitigate their Own Alienative- Conflicts; and REFLEXIVE-DESCRIPTIONS of the fruits of those Mitigations. The focus here is upon REFLEXIVE-DESCRIPTIONS - - - NOT upon:
Prescriptions   Proscriptions     Conformity     Taboos    Controls     Punishments

Rewards         Laws              Rights         Wrongs    Judgements   Technologies

Winnings        Losings           Fights         Battles   Tactics      Technologies     

Experts         Authorities       Traditions     Rituals   Liturgies    Expectations

Domineering-Bullies are not likely to honor the above REFLEXIVE-DESCRIPTIONS; because they want handles with which to manipulate currently Healthy-Personal-Relationships; and handles to use in manipulating the evolution of new Personal-Relationships to keep them from becoming Hard-to-Manipulate - - - - Healthy-Personal-Relationships.