Course Keys **** The ESSENCE of people's personal relationships is to be found in the patterns of: 1. Back and forth reflexive responses among the participants. 2. Thoughts, attitudes, desires and hopes among the insiders. 3. Mutually honored reflexive perceptions of each other among the participants. 4. Mutually honored expectations and anticipations among the participants. 5. Mutually welcomed and honored initiatives taken by the participants. 6. Finding collaborative ways to make sure that all essential needs are met well. 7. Finding collaborative ways to mitigate internal Alienative-Conflicts with good will. 8. Regular occasions of Open-and-Honest-Dialogue in various kinds of communication. 9. Mutual interest in authenticity and integrity demonstrated in consistent ways. 10. Mutual interest in explorations and creativity which transcend forms of conformity. The ESSENCE of people's personal relationships CANNOT be found in patterns of: 1. Formal signed documents and/or statements. 2. Formal witnessed agreements and/or contracts. 3. What outsiders say or do in regards to the relationships. 4. Gossip, no matter how accurate the gossip may be in what is reported 5. Formal Judicial Decisions and/or Proclamations. 6. What Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters do or say. 7. Alienated outsiders who are not participants in the relationships. 8. Published news reports about the relationships. 9. Scientific studies and reported findings about the relationships. 10. Religious-Leaders' Studies and reported findings about the relationships.