Course Keys **** What are among the essential realities that we must focus our attention upon, in our efforts to live in our environments in long-term-sustainable ways? What must we not ignore? How we should pay attention to each of them are separate questions, with separate appropriate responses which may be quite different in each case! (There is clearly no systematic pattern in how words have been "ordered" below.) Profits Money Dollars Investments Stocks Bonds Mortgages Credit Interest-Rates Taxes Net-Worth Growth Fuels Oil Coal Natural Gas U-235 U-238 Energy Reputations Power Controls Dominance Winnings Losers Wealth Corporations Cooperation Alienation Anger Revenge Resentment Estrangement Good-People Evil-People Enemies Allies Coalitions Fears Terrorists Terrors Armies Technologies Technocrats Winners Assumptions Absolutes Purity Peace Unity Shalom Virtues Vices Ideals Goods Wrongs Languages Computation Exchanges Conflicts Creativity Exploration Mitigations Resolutions Openness Honesty Dialogues Listening Paraphrases Listening Confirmations Agreements Consensus Formalities Friendships Sexuality Inventories Resources Because of the central role in which all forms of ENERGY play in all human activities, it will be important to keep rough track of inventories of amounts of energy resources present within God's Astronomically-Tiny Space-Ship-Earth; in order to have a reason- able sense of how to prevent running out without knowing what is happening. a. Crude oil of various grades. b. Oil-Shale of various grades. c. Coal of various grades. d. Shale-Coal of various grades. e. U-235 and U-238 in ores of various grades. f. Hydro-Electric Giga-Watt-Potentials from rivers, tides, and ocean-currents. g. Solar energy collections of all various kinds. h. Related storage and transmission costs. i. Others not mentioned above.