Course Keys **** Healthy-Courtships are Prudent-Processes in which people discover how well each other person can cooperate in mitigating-interpersonal-alienative-conflicts pertaining to the management and control of their own respective: Wealth Risks Powers Territories Intimacies Fruits Costs Fears Anxieties Assumptions Attitudes Expectations Predictions Hopes Aspirations Beliefs Communications Privacy Perceptions Perspectives Balance Mutuality Cooperation Creativity Civility Patience Tolerance Roles Scripts Scriptures God-Talk Ideals Ideas Virtues Inter-Relations Friendships Dreams Visions Prescriptions Proscriptions In each courtship there are risks that one or more of the people who are involved in and/or concerned about the courtship and the network-of-relationships affected by the courtship - - - may slide in the directions of Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing- Mobsters' Life-Styles - - - as described in other essays here in Such a turn of events is likely to augment (rather than to mitigate) Alienative- Conflicts related in any way to the courtship.