Course Keys **** No family, tribe, neighborhood, community, church, synagogue, mosque; or large religious-institution or political-party can long be: Well, Healthy, Whole, United, or Well-Integrated; so long as it LACKS Overt-Public-Efforts to: Acknowledge, Describe, Graciously-Mitigate and Transcend: Greed Envy Arrogance Hubris Self-Righteousness Wealth-Concentrations Power-Concentrations Pretentious-Superiority Pretentious-Hierarchies Addictions/Addicts Codependent-Supporters Violent-Gangs Terrorists Terrorism Militants Unilateral-Rescue-Missions Evil-People Good-People Superiority Abusers Contentious-Argumentation Slavery Servitude Submission Segregation Exclusivity/Excommunication Military-Industrial-Congressional Complexes/Corporations Wars-against-Terrorism ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Alienative-Conflicts Around Superior: Ideologies Political-Parties Economic-Systems Territorial-Controls Resources Supplies Technologies Technocrats Theologies Myths Stories Scriptures Sciences Engineering Defenses ICBM Nuclear-War-Heads Cultures Traditions Rituals Absolute-Knowledge Domination Invulnerability Arrogance Self-Righteousness Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception Rates-of-Exponential-Growth ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We need to Facilitate-and-Promote Open-and-Honest-Dialogues regarding: Constructive, Affirmative and Creative - - - Responses - - - to what each other among us has: said, written and affirmed - - - so that we can cooperate in Mitigating-OUR-OWN- Alienative-Conflicts within-us-as-alienated-individuals; and within-us-as Competitive- Groups-of-Alienated-Individuals. The Essential-Patterns-of-Cooperation in Responding-Graciously to the above comments will be associated with the ability to recognize the following signs of the presence of ALIENATION; e.g.: 1. The absence of Open-and-Honest-Dialogue, 2. The presence of violent-anger and interactions, 3. The absence of efforts at facilitating gracious reconciliations, 4. The presence of fears of strangers, 5. The absence of empathy, sympathy, sensitivity and thoughtfulness, 6. The presence of increasing economic disparities between the wealthy/the-poor, 7. The absence of Systemic-Distributive-Justice, 8. The presence of Concentrations of Wealth-and-Powers, 9. The absence of efforts to Mitigate-Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts and Destruction, 10. The presence of Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters in Leaderships-Positions, 11. The absence of Due-Process Judicial-Procedures, 12. The presence of segregations and exclusive-practices within our communities, 13. The absence of Systemic-Restorative-Justice-Procedures, 14. The presence of pervasive thoughtless traditions of alienative reverence, 15. The absence of balance, mutuality, and/or cooperation, 16. The presence of standing-armies during peace-time, 17. The absence of respected Peace-Institutes, 18. The presence of religious exclusivity and alienative-conflicts, 19. The absence of Universal-HealthCare-for-All-People within the local community, 20. The presence of Dominant Powerful-and-Wealthy-Corporations with personal rights, 21. The absence of Healthy-Sexual-Intimate-Relationships, 22. The presence of violent sexual abuses and slavery, 23. The absence of Reconciling-Judgements and Restorative-Justice, 24. The presence of Alienative-Judgements and Excommunications. The differences between the last two have to do with how much freedom and power people who are involved in them - - have to Mitigate their Own-Alienative-Conflicts. Is the Alienation imposed by Wealthy-and-Powerful people-and-Corporations - - - upon the Poor-and-Weak? Do the Wealthy-and-Powerful choose to be Alienated-From the Poor-and-the-Weak? Why? Powerful-People's: Goals, Strategies, Tactics, Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues, Victories Winnings and Loses - - - when focused upon in any Egocentric-Framework - - - leads US tragically into the unsustainable-Styles of Domineering-Bullies. We are led by each Egocentric-Framework to focus upon Thoughtless-and-Uninformed: GREED Envy Arrogance Pretentions Fears Anxieties Defenses and attempts to be invulnerable in Alienative-Conflicts with Strangers-whom-we-Fear. Our most basic beginning: assumptions, attitudes, preoccupations, fears and anxieties point us towards the destinations which we will reach; if we do not think - - - and so travel as a thrown rock that falls to the ground - - - if it does not hit something else first. Because of the above - - - - what happens to us before birth and soon after birth is influential to degrees that many people are totally unaware of! The only way there can be hope - - - is of we choose frameworks other than egocentric frameworks - - - as the contexts wherein we live our lives of: 1. True-Lovers, 2. Communal-Sanctuary-Builders and Care-Takers of Communal-Sanctuaries, 3. Mitigators of Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts, 4. Reconcilers with Our-Own-Strangers, 5. Reconcilers with Our-Own-Enemies, 6. Reconcilers with People whom we know are "different", 7. Diplomats and Integrators in all of our Reflexive-Inter-Personal-Relationships;
Often in The-ALIENATIVE-Presence of:
8. Concentrations of Wealth-and-Powers, 9. INDIFFERENCE to the need to Mitigate-Destructive-Conflicts, 10. Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters - - - even in positions of great power, 11. INDIFFERENCE to the need for Due-Processes in the Administration of Justice, 12. Segregations of people through traditional patterns of EXCLUSIVITY, 13. INDIFFERENCE to the presence of SYSTEMIC DISTRIBUTIVE-INJUSTICE, 14. Honored Traditional-Patterns-of-Revenge imposed by Domineering-Bullies, 15. INDIFFERENCE to the ABSENCE OF: Balance, Mutuality, Honesty, Dialogue, Cooperation 16. Standing-Armies during time of "Peace" and "Domination". 17. INDIFFERENCE to the ABSENCE OF: Highly-Respected Peace-Institutes/Training-Centers. 18. Alienative-Exclusivity-and-Conflicts within Religious-Congregations/Institutions. 19. INDIFFERENCE to the ABSENCE OF: Universal-Health-Care-for-ALL visible-persons. 20. Dominant-Corporations protected as if they were Vulnerable-Poor-Individuals. 21. INDIFFERENCE to the ABSENCE OF: Open-and-Honest-Dialogues about Healthy-Sexuality. 22. Violent-and-Abusive Sexual-Relationships and Profitable-Sexual-Slavery. 23. INDIFFERENCE to the ABSENCE OF: Restorative-Justice in Judicial-Procedures. 24. Alienative-Judgements in dealing with Alienative-Conflicts within OUR-OWN-LIVES. The differences between patterns-that-exist, and patterns-that-might-exist; are often rooted in the ALIENATIONS which are IMPOSED by Wealth-and-Powerful-People upon the people who are: Widows, Orphans, Infants, Young, Powerless, Poor, Vulnerable, Displaced, Migrants, Victims-of-Wars, Victims-of-Alienative-Conflicts - - - - and are The Most Pervasive-Focus of all parts of the Judeo-Christian-Muslim Bible-and-Koran. Ego-Centric-People's: Goals, Strategies, Tactics, Ideas, Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues, Victories, Winnings, and Lo sings - - - can become our foci within egocentric frameworks - - - and lead us tragically into the Unsustainable-Life-Styles of Tragic= Domineering-Bullies. We are led by each Egocentric-Framework to focus upon thoughtless-and-uninformed: Greed Envy Arrogance Pretentions Fears Anxieties Defenses and Attempts To-Be-Invulnerable within the contexts of Alienative-Conflicts with Strangers; i.e., with people with whom we have not spent enough time - - - to get to know them well. Our beginning assumptions, attitudes, preoccupations, fears and anxieties point us toward the destinations which we will reach - - - if we do not think; and we travel as a thrown rock that falls to the ground because of how it was thrown. We can have a sound foundation for hope only if we chose something other than an ego- centric framework - - - within which we will live our lives as: 1. True-Lovers, 2. Communal-Sanctuary-Builders and Care-Takers; 3. Mitigators of Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts with other people, 4. Reconcilers of ourselves with our Strangers, 5. Reconcilers of ourselves with our Enemies, 6. Reconcilers of ourselves with people who seem "different" to us, 7. Diplomats and Integrators working to Integrate our communities, 8. FACILITATORS OF: Cooperation, Open-and-Honest-Dialogue Healthy-Intimacies Reconciliations Preventive-Health-Care-For-All Overall-Health-Care-for-All