Course Keys **** Ideologies are efforts to offer honorable sets of ideals, values, principles, visions, and plans-for-action; that give people grounds for hope. Ideologies offer visions of what is worthy of honor, admiration, emulation, and emulation - - - even if not - - - -unlimited reverence. Ideologies are created by idealists who seek others to joint with them in mutual- support-and-admiration - - - within an ideological community, team, political-party, or religious community. Ideologies Falter-and-Fail when they are built without due-consideration in open-and- honest dialogue about one or more of the following realities: 1. The Alienative-Tendencies of Domineering-Bullies supporting their own Life-Styles. 2. The Dilemmas present in trying to Mitigate-OUR-Bullies-OWN-Alienative-Conflicts. 3. The Dilemmas present in trying to Mitigate-OUR-Bullies-OWN-Alienative-Violence. 4. The Dilemmas present in trying to Mitigate-OUR-Bullies-OWN-Alienative-Coercions. 5. The Dilemmas present in trying to Mitigate-OUR-Bullies-OWN-Consumptive-Traditions. 6. The Dilemmas present in trying to Mitigate-OUR-Bullies-OWN-Exponential-Growths. 7. The Dilemmas present in trying to Mitigate-OUR-OWN-Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self- Deception - - - - Games which can NEVER be won - - - because the rules are secret. 8. The Dilemmas present within God's-Astronomically-Tiny Space-Ship-Earth which is Essentially-Materially-Isolated from all of God's Other-Material-Resources that are outside of Space-Ship-Earth - - - and cannot be Imported-into-Space-Ship-Earth. 9. Open, Honest, and Clear - - - Descriptions of the Essential-Foundations of both Personal-and-Communal Present-Integrities and Integrative-Processes-of-LOVE. 10. The tragic ABSENCES of Affirmations-and-Demonstrations of Essential-Clusters-of- Essential-Mutually-Complementary: Ideas, Ideals, Values, Principles and Virtues. 11. Persons-and-Communities that Lack-Integrity and are Disintegrating in Tragic-Ways. 12. Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters who are violating people's Communication- Rights, Civil-Rights, Personal-Integrities, and Communal-Integrities, and their Corresponding-Integration-Processes. Ideologies and the Communities/Civilizations which embody the Ideologies - - - Falter, Fail and FALL whenever they DO-NOT-ENGAGE in Open-and-Honest-Dialogues about the above Tragic-Realities; and so they DO-NOT respond in: Well-Informed, Thoughtful, Unbiased, Gracious, Sustainable, and Robust ways - - - to Changing-Environments of all kinds: a. Natural within God's Astronomically-Tiny Space-Ship-Earth in its Essential-Isolation. b. Isolated Religious-Traditions within Space-Ship-Earth. c. Isolated Political-Traditions within Space-Ship-Earth. d. Isolated Scientific-Traditions within Space-Ship-Earth. e. Isolated Economic-Traditions within Space-Ship-Earth. f. Resource-Depleting Exponential-Growth-Patterns within Space-Ship-Earth. g. Growing-Temperatures of air, water, land, and ice within Space-Ship-Earth. h. Growing-Climate-Changes within Space-Ship-Earth. i. Changes in patterns of Healthy-and-Unhealthy Personal-Intimacies and Alienations. j. Changes in patterns of Healthy-and-Unhealthy Sexual-Intimacies and Alienations. k. Alienative-Conflicts in need of Mitigation-by-their-Participant-Victims. l. Alienations - - - Tragically in need of Mitigations-by-their-Participant-Victims. People who ARE-NEGLIGENT in tolerating and/or admiring Domineering-Bullies and/or their Life-Styles - - - are likely-to-be-complicit in behaving as do Domineering- Bullies; even if it is not clear that they are complicit, or just-how-they-are- complicit.