Course Keys **** It is rarely, if ever, helpful to demand that people address issues, questions or conflicts that they have chosen not to address - - - because they are much involved in fulfilling-other-responsibilities for which they are well qualified, to which they are highly committed, and in which they are respected, needed and perhaps could not be well replaced. Parallel meaningful fulfillments of additional responsibilities may not be possible; because they are mutually-exclusive in: nature, demands, reputations and/or time and energy demands. Alienative-Conflicts over such issues will most likely - - - - generate tragic-bitter-fruits that will most likely - - - merit no respect. We will do well to lay firm foundations for the Mitigation-of-Such Alienative-Conflicts within OUR-OWN: families, neighborhoods, villages, cities, provinces, states and nations - - - before those Alienative-Conflicts evolve in any significant ways.