Course Keys **** The integrities of a community and of its people as individuals Are-In-Grave-Danger when they fail to be engaged in open-and-honest-dialogue about the dangers of tolerating the PURCHASE WITH MONEY of: Respect Honor Admiration Trust Appointments Elections Powers Tolerance Dominance Secrecy Deception Confusion Violence Controls Submission Acquiescence Intimacy Sexuality Integrity Domination Superiority Invulnerability-Rights-Regarding: Criticism Dishonesty Exposure Risks Limits Rights-to-God's-Special-Favors Rights to Incorruptibility Entitlement-Rights Rights-to-Concentrate-Wealth Rights-to-Concentrate-Powers Rights-to-Tolerance ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To THE-EXTENT that people tolerate the unlimitted concentration of MONEY - - - - - To THAT-EXTENT such peple Are-In-Grave-Danger IN-ALL-THE-ABOVE-WAYS! Be-Aware/Beware OF: Failures to work to Mitigate-Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts.