Course Keys **** We need to distinguish between responsibilities which cannot be fulfilled coherently in parallel with each other, and responsibilities which can be fulfilled coherently in parallel. The distinctions may be due to: 1. Personal talents,dispositions, hopes, aspirations, interests, passions, disabilities, injuries, diseases, etc. 2. Communal-Mutually-Exclusive-Expectations about the implications of engaging in particular activities-IN-PARALLEL because perceived incoherences in the parallel activities. 3. Much that cannot be anticipated, predicted, managed or controlled as regards: contexts, relationships, thoughts, feelings, perceptions, desires, anxieties, fears, risks, etc. 4. Virtues and Vices which we ignore at our peril. 5. Behaviors, Presences, and Absences - - - which we will ignore at our peril, interpret incorrectly at our peril, honor at our peril, revere at our peril, and/or idolize at our peril.