Course Keys **** What should we do about the risks that are present when we become engaged in Open- and-Honest Prayer/Dialogue? 1. Accept them thoughtlessly? 2. Ignore them thoughtlessly? 3. Forget them thoughtlessly? 4. Manage them for best-results? 5. Trust Self-Confident prayer-managment-experts? 6. Let God-Manage the risks? 7. Let God Do-His-Will? Let God Do-Her-Will? 8. Ask only the Right-Questions? 9. Ask only for Proper-Outcomes? 10. Trust the Traditions of Past-Church-Leaders? 11. Do a thorough Objective-Systems-Analysis? 12. Engage in a Reflexive-Systems-Analysis? 13. Focus upon Integrative-Clusters of True: Virtues, Ideals, Values, etc? 14. Be-Aware and Beware of Domineering-Bullies-Life-Styles? 15. Graciously-Resist Arrogance-and-Self-Righteousness with Self-Confidence? 16. In Love's-Shalom Resist the Tempatations-of-Invulnerability? 17. Seek to be Honestly-Together in Shalom's-Vulnerable-Ways-of-Intimacy? 18. Seek-Peace in the Purity-and-Unity of The-True-Church-Congregation? 19. Be Self-Confident Peace-Makers who Trust-God in All-Things? 20. Avoid all Simplistic-Fools' Forms of Anxiety? What are the most Alienative-Dangerous-Risks as we enter into our times of prayer? In-what-Spirt shall we ask our Questions-about-Prayer? What shall we keep in mind during our times of praayer? What shall we Let-Go-Of while entering into prayer times together? How shall we discern what Trusted-Realities to Let-Go-Of? The following are among the Most-Influential-Enemies of Domineering-Bullies and of Mobbing-Mobsters: 1. Open-and-Honest Eqauality-and-Integrations. 2. Open-and-Honest Dialogue-in-Being-Together in Shalom's-Many-Gracious-Ways. 3. True-Lovers Cooperating in Building-and-Maintaining True-Sancuaries-for-ALL. 4. People who Truly-LET-GO of Domineering-Bullies' Compulsive-Preoccupations. 5. People who are Being-Together in helping each other Mitigate Their-Own-Conflicts.