Course Keys **** To the extent that each person has an authentic well-integrated vision of Being-Well- Together in Shalom's Many-Mutually-Complementary-Ways - - - those-persons can work to facilitate others in moving from where they are, into being Well-Together in Shalom's-Many-Mutually-Complementary-Ways - - - without needing to conform to the Life-Styles-of-Domineering-Bullies of-any-kind. Such visions are neither discerned nor-moved-into by people who are clinging to the Life-Styles of people who are preoccupied with "purity", "unity" and "peace" in the sense of: "tranquility", "being-submissive" and/or "non-assertive". In efforts to assure smooth-transitions - - - many people take care to neither discern nor understand new-visions of well-integrated: persons, life-styles and communities that know how to Be-Together in the Many-Diverse Ways-of-Shalom in LOVE.