Course Keys **** Church leaders have often been admonished to pledge to work for "the Peace, Unity and Purity" of the Church which they are to serve and lead. This pledge creates Tragic- Alienative-Conflicts because: 1. Diverse-people have diverse-priorities as regards their conceptions of the most- important: Doctrines, Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues, Assumption, Attitudes, Beliefs, etc. The diverse-people will be in conflict over what is the essence of that which is to be present when only that which is Absolutely-Essential -- is Absolutely-the-only-thing-Left - - - After-the-Purification-Process! 2. People have rarely been trained in how to help each other to Mitigate-their-Own- Alienative-Conflicts - - - - - created by the call for Purification-Processes. 3. People have rarely been trained in how to recognize the essence of Personal-and- Communal Integrities and Integration-Processes - - - apart from calls for Standard- Forms of: Belief, Rituals, Assumptions, Behaviors and Traditions. 4. People have rarely been trained in how to make Coherent-Affirmations-Of and True- Authentic-Demonstrations-Of Sustainable-Robust-Balanced-and-Mutually-Complementary CLUSTERS of: Doctrines, Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues, Assumption, Attitudes, Beliefs, etc. In the face of a call for Purity - - - how can one make such a Coherent-Affirmation-of-a-Mixture - - - which is not a Pure-Elementary-Reality? 5. The ways of Shalom-in-Peace are Many-Ways; not just One-Standard-Way-of-Conformity. 6. How can we build-and-maintain Communal-Sanctuaries for All-Different-People to be Together-In-Shalom - - - - Engaged in Open-and-Honest-Dialogues about Mitigating- Their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts - - - if there is FIRST a focus upon some kind of special kind of superior "purity" - - - which entails excluding-diversity. 7. Again: Purification which leads to Purity is the process of removing and rejecting that which is "different" from contaminating that which is "proper", "superior", "conformed" - - - the excluded people will be excommunicated, alienated, angry, resentful - - - NOT-BEING-TOGETHER IN-SHALOM. To the extent that each person has an authentic well integrated vision of Being- Together-in-Shalom's-Many-Mutually-Complementary-Different-Ways - - - the person can work to facilitate others in moving from where they are, into being Well-Together in Shalom's-Many-Mutually-Complementary-Ways - - - - without conformity to any conception of some Superior-Form-of-Purity in Separating-Different-People-From-Each-Other into Segregation. Visions of Being-Together-In-Shalom-Many-Different-Ways will not be discerned nor moved into by people who are clinging to the Life-Styles of Domineering-Bullies who know what is the One-and-Only-Right-Destination with only One-and-Only-Right-Path to that One-and-Only-Right-Destination. People who are preoccupied with Peace, Unity and Purity - - - are likely to find much in common with people who honor the Life-Styles of Domineering-Bullies who seek to Be-In-Control of getting people to be Peacefully-Submissive In-Conformity to some form of Purity which eliminates a great deal of diversity, authenticity and integrity.