Course Keys **** If we have no sense of the essential foundations of a future civilization with civility - - - - - we have no hope of navigating any viable path from where we are now, to where we may reasonably hope to be in the future. Any wise-transition from where we are now, to where we hope to be-together in the many-ways-of-shalom - - - becomes virtually impossible, if we become-blind and cannot- imagine in any way - - - what it would be like to be-together in the many-ways-of- shalom. The-Transition is not the same thing as Being-Together-in-the-many-ways-of-shalom. We will fail, if we assume that the two realms can be alike. We must acknowledge that there must be differences between the two realms. We need to protect the integrity-of-the-vision of the nature-of-a-hopeful-and-gracious-process of being- together in the Gracious-Ways-of-Shalom. Being-Compulsively-Preoccupied with the practicality-of-the-transition-process - - - can undermine-the-integrity-of-the-vision - - - and so blind-the-leaders-of-the- transition - - - - - to the nature of the destination. We need to respect visionaries who focus upon describing openly-and-honestly the natures of various possible visions of what it would be like to be authentically present-with-an-authentic-presence - - - in being-together in the Many-Gracious-Ways- of Shalom. We cannot help visionaries by asking them to attend to the practical problems of the transition. It is the visionaries-responsibility to clarify how we can best be-together after-we-have-made-the-transition - - - so that we can navigate from here to there and know-when-we-have-completed-that-transition. Otherwise, we will be likely to keep moving - - - - - as we pass through the destination that we do not know how to recognize.