Course Keys **** The concept of "God-Given-Rights" is a Disintegrative-Concept that was most likely invented and installed by Domineering-Bullies such as: Emperors, Kings, Queens, who believed that their Entitlements include their having "God-Given-Rights" from the Supreme-Bully who is: Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent and Eternal in having Superior-concentrated-Rights-and-Powers. Believing that it would be in the Nature-of-God to give special Favors to Domineering- Bullies like Emperors, Kings and Queens - - - - - might be a sign of a serious mental illness! Whom do we dare to tell about that insight of ours? How can we know for sure? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The World's-Great-Religions lean toward affirming that God-is-Love, the Greatest-Lover; not the World's Greatest-Bully or Mobster; not as holding absolute control over the World's Greatest Concentration of Wealth-and-Power - - - for eternity as an addict. Just as individuals can and do become utterly-confused; out-of-touch, insane, and deviant from the Essential-Foundations of All-Personal-and-Communal Integrities and Integrative-Processes - - - so also Whole-Communities can and do become utterly confused: out-of-touch, insane, and deviant from the Essential-Foundations of All-Personal-and-Communal Integrities and Integrative-Processes. Then in the Whole-Community: 1. Virtues seem to be vices. 2. Vices seem to be virtues. 3. Truths seem to be false. 4. Lies seem to be true. 5. Essential-Truths are viewed as Devilish. 6. Devilish-Alienative-Conflicts are attributed to God's-Will. 7. People Try-to-Win Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception. 8. A growing economy is views as The-Essential to communal integrity, when NOT so 9. True-Lovers are views ad Deviant-Traitors trying to destroy the community. 10. Bullies are Revered as Gods, be trusted with all available Powers-to-Destroy. In such a Deviant-Community - - - on what basis, and by what authority, are Authentic- True-Lovers to know Confidently - - - how to most Graciously-Mitigate-Their-Own: Conflicts? Violence? Controls? Domination? Arrogance? Ethical-Systems? Bullies? Successes? Demands? Greed? Concentrations-of-Wealth? Commands? Laws? Prosperity? Traditions? Concentrations-of-Powers? Formalities? Moral Codes? Religious-Institutions? Sciences? Engineering? Technologies Wars? Terrors? Terrorists? Self-Righteousness? Aliens? Any True-Lover who is so presumptuous as to try to resist - - - all of the above; must be deviant in the extremist ways of insanity! Such deviant-and-insane-people must be Evil-People, who must be destroyed to Protect Our-God-Himself. We must do so to protect Our-God! We are God's Righteous-Few! We must hang together and do Our-God's-Will! We can be Sure-of-That! There is no DOUBT!