Course Keys **** Different-People send-and-receive meanings in messages in different ways, both intended and not-intended. Some people focus heavily, if not exclusively, upon: 1. Objective-Facts, 2. Literal-Meanings of statements, spoken or written. 3. Objective-Descriptions of relationships and interactions, objective or personal. 4. Reflexive-Descriptions of relationships and interactions, objective or personal. 5. The significance of who sent and/or delivered a message, when, where, why. 6. The intentions of the sender or transmitter of a message. 7. Some obviously intended coded meaning discerned in a message as received. 8. What is present "between-the-lines" of a message as received. 9. The reason for not receiving a particular message. 10. The reason for a person present not communicating any message in any clear way. Often the above kinds of "realities" play significant roles in our Alienative-Conflicts. To Graciously-Mitigate our OWN Alienative-Conflicts we may need to deal openly and honestly with the above kinds of "realities". How can we best do that?