Course Keys **** Alienative-Conflicts are often embedded within Contentious-Relationships that are suggested below. The following suggested Contentious-Relationships are often complicated by the presence of many different Alienative-Conflicts within the contexts of the Contentious- Relationships. The foci of such Alienative-Conflicts are not clearly described in what follows below. To Mitigate any Complex-pattern-of-Alienative-Conflicts suggested below those people who are involved in them must tease-apart the many individual Alienative-Conflicts suggested in the preceding essay(s). Contentious-Relationships often revolve around the efforts of some people to REGULATE, CONTROL, BLOCK, PREVENT, or otherwise to ADMINISTER within families, neighborhoods and/or communities: 1. The religious: lives, rituals, teachings, beliefs, etc. of other people. 2. Concentrations of Wealth and Powers. 3. Intimacies of people. 4. Sexual-Relationships of people. 5. Economic-Activities. 6. Open-and-Honest-Dialogues about controversial topics and/or activities. 7. Scientific-Research, Publications and Teachings. 8. Educational-Efforts in public-schools. 9. Gender-Identities and Sexual-Preferences of people. 10. Family-Structures-and-Traditions. 11. Preparations to win a global nuclear war, chemical-weapons-war, or germ-warfare. 12. Efforts to mitigate the damage done by war. 13. Abolishing profits made through slavery of any kind in any place. 14. Regulating the concentration of wealth and power within any democratic economy. 15. The formation of any form of a world-wide-government or military-force. 16. Fighting over who can most quickly consume Earth's limited natural resources. 17. Fighting over who can most quickly pollute Earth's pure air and water supplies. 18. Fighting over who can most quickly augment Earth's Global-Warming-Rising-Oceans. 19. Fighting over who can dominate expanding portions of the Earth's Surfaces. 20. Fighting over the right to engage in unsubstantiated alienative-gossip. 21. Fighting over identifying Who-is-Evil, Who-Is-Good, Who-is-Inferior, Who-Superior. 22. Fighting over identifying who-is-Dammed, Who-is-Saved, Who-is-Redeemed, etc. 23. Fighting over who will win Particular Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception. 24. Fighting over descriptions of particular Alienative-Reflexive-Relationships. 25. Fighting over the interpretation of particular ancient religious scriptures. 26. Fighting over challenging particular theological-teachings and doctrines. 27. Fighting over the relative merits of different economic-systems. It is not simple to help people to Mitigate-Their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts related to the above described realities. Simplistic-Fools are likely to lead people into many tragic outcomes - - - if their efforts are trusted.