Course Keys **** Our Major Dilemmas include learning how to understand the Inherent-Conflicts between 1. AUTHENTIC-VIRTUES that are in conflict with authentic-vices ( without ignorance, confusion or greed messing up our comparisons ) - - - AND 2. Pretentious-Virtues that are labeled as being GOOD-AND-SUPERIOR - - - to The AUTHENTIC-VIRTUES of those "poor-and-vulnerable true-lovers" who are engaged in dangerous/risky Open-and-Honest-Dialogues within Shalom's Communal-Sanctuaries that are created-and-maintained as Hospitable-Sanctuaries for: reconciliations, healings, collaborations, and cooperation in insuring that all members of God's Crew of God's Astronomically-Tiny Space-Ship-Earth orbiting in Essential-Material Isolation around God's just-average star called "Our-Sun". ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Domineering-Bullies attempt to Be-In-Control of Personal-and-Communal-Relationships; i.e., Be-In-Control of how personal relationships evolve. The Reliably-Tragic-Fruits of Domineering-Bullies-Alienative-Alienative Attempts-to- Be-In-Control include: 1. Relationships which lack authentic: meaning, significances, sustainability, robustness, adaptability, integrity, health, etc. 2. New and/or Augmented Alienative-Conflicts among those who are affected/afflicted. 3. The Suppression of any healthy Mitigations-of-Alienative-Conflicts. 4. Failures to WIN any Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception in Control-Attempts. 5. Failures to learn anything - - - from the Failures-to-Be-In-Control. 6. Alienative Short-Term-Concentrations of Wealth-and-Powers that SOON-COLLAPSE. 7. Hidden Instances of Extreme Corruption - - - Which is SOON-EXPOSED. 8. The Augmentation of Terrors and Terrorists in using Terrorists to Fight-Terrorism. 9. The Augmentation of Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complexes of Disintegration. 10. The Undermining of Communal-Integrities by Economic-Systems' Careful-Computations- of Maximum-Profits for the select-few through the use of the most Efficient- Technologies for the most extreme Concentrations-of-Wealth-and-Powers which are also most Efficient in Generating: Alienative-Conflicts, Dis-Ease, Terrors, etc. IF OUR PERSONAL: Relationships Intimacies Affections Friendships Desires Hopes Aspirations Sexual-Relations Sharings Receptions Pleasures Initiatives ARE NOT: Reciprocal Mutual Cooperative Balanced Honorable Admirable Reverent Integrative Healthy Sustainable Robust Authentic THEN THEY ARE NOT: REAL WORTH-THE-EFFORT or ENDURING