Course Keys **** Individuals, coubles, intimate-small-groups, and larger-communities --- often have difficulties in understanding: 1. What is utterly-impossible because of the utterly-reliable-accurate-descriptive- laws-of-nature - - - in the realms of objectively-confirmed scientifically-proven- facts - - - about objective-relationships, and about the limited-natural-resources like fossile fuels, pure water and pure-minerals that are within God's Space-Ship- Earth that is Astronomically-Tiny in comparison to the Sun, All-Stars, Gas-Ball- Planets, Galaxiess and ALL-THE-DISTANCES between such objects. 2. Which of their own imaginable and greatly desired visions/dreams are utterly- improbably - - - because of current mixes of human immaturity among known people and communities and their levels of intolerance toward "different" people. 3. Why it is that all patterns of Exponential-Growth cannot in the Long-Term be sustained within God's Astronomically-Tiny Space-Ship-Earth with its Finite- Supplies of Natural-Resources. In each instance there is a lack of education in science and astronomy, and a failure to deal systematically with exposing the lack of integrity in people who are playing Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception. Searches here in for the relevant key-words will lead to other related essays.