Course Keys **** Given the Unsustainable-Life-Styles to which Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters are Tenaciously-Committed, they find it difficult to admit publicly that: 1. Their Life-Styles are NOT Robust, Long-Term-Sustainable, Honest, Honorable, Healthy, Gracious, Well-Integrated, Admirable or Enjoyable-by-Most-People. 2. Their Life-Styles involve Concentrations-of-Wealth-and-Powers that generate a great deal of personal-and-communal: Corruption, Dishonesty, Pretensions, Destruction, Disintegrations, Diseases, Addictions, Codependent-Support-for- Addictions, Biases, Prejudices, Ignorance, Injustice, Greed, Hoarding, Negativity, Contentiousness, Arrogance, Self-Righteousness, Hubris and Military-Industrial- Congressional-Complexity. 3. They have made-mistakes, broken-promises, stumbled, broken-laws and failed to deliver in accomplishing what they indicated they would accomplish. 4. They are trying to Win-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception which they refuse to admit Cannot-Be-Won. 5. They are trying to Control-Reflexive-Realities which ar Essentially-Beyond-Any- Honorable-Control: Thoughts, Desires, Hopes, Aspirations, Communications, Love, Integrities, Integrations, Authenticity, Insights, Visions, Dreams, Intimacies, The Knowledge of Who-is-Good, The Knowledge of Who-is-Evil, The Knowledge of the Full-Nature-of-GOD, The nature of human future experiences of Heaven and/or Hell, Normal-Desires-for-Healthy-Intimacies, etc. 6. They are Angered-by-True-Lovers who expose the above aspects of their Life-Styles to Public-View-and-Discussions - - - by Speaking-Truth-to-Powers-and-Wealth - - - in ways which are: Open, HOnest, Authentic, Gracious and Integrative. 7. Kings, Queens, Emperors, Dictators, and CEOs of Military-Industrial-Congressional- Complexes-and-Corporations - - - do not offer: Hospitality, Audiences, Support, Welcomes or Tolerance to True-Lovers who engage publicly in Open-and-Honest- Dialogues about what is written here in these essays at