Course Keys **** Disparities in Wealth-and-Powers - - - Reliably-Corrupt-US within our Alienative- conflicts which are Not-Mitigated-by-US as True-Lovers. In neglect we remain victims of: Ignorance Neglect Timidity Confusion Bias Prejudices Greed Biases Distributive-Injustices & "GOOd"-CONCENTRATIONS-of: Wealth Powers Technologies Technocrats Responsibilities Authority Knowing-Who-is-GOOD Knowing the Real-Meaning-of-Scriptures Knowing-God's-WILL Knowing-Who-is-EVIL ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Violence, Coercion, Controls and Concentrations of Wealth-and-Powers are Regularly- Combined within people who cling to their: Greed, Prejudices, Biases, Confusions, Timidity, Neglect, Distributive-Injustices and Domination-Patterns. According to the Myths-of-Redemptive: Violence, Coercion, Controls and Unilateral: Rescues, Redemptions and Salvations - - - There are Superior-Good-People who are immune to pervasive Corrupting-Effects of Great-Concentrations-of-Wealth-and-Powers. Such IMMUNE-PEOPLE are said to be Good-People who are God's Specially Chosen Servants who Know-God's-Transcendent-Will with Clarity-and-Absolute-Certainty - - - Without a Doubt. According to the above Myths about such "Redemptive-Powers" - - - Evil-People are those people who Fail-to-Honor the "Good-People" who are In-Control of the "Redemptive- Powers" of: Violence, Coercion, Controls, Domination, Superiority and Unilateral- Redemption-Salvation. Many-confused-People Think-Wrongly, or Assume, that Evil-People are those People who DO-NOT: Honor, Revere and/or Worship the Collusive-Games-of-Self-Deception which hide what is Graciously-apparent within the Reconciling-Ways of Being-Together within Shalom's Communal-Sanctuaries of LOVE for ALL who enter freely to engage in Open-and Honest-Dialogue about all people's most-basic-and-essential-needs and how to cooperate in fulfilling all people's most-basic-and-essential-needs in LOVE.