Course Keys **** Different-People often have great difficulty in finding gracious-ways to affirm their Different-Affirmations - - - in Non-Alienative-Ways to each other. The result of those unresolved-difficulties remain as enduring unresolved alienative conflicts between/among Different-People: True-Lovers, Domineering-Bullies, Mobbing-Mobsters, Legalists, Ethicists, Moralizers, Judgmentalists, Self-Righteous-Religious-Leaders, Corrupt-Political-Leaders, Contentious-Legislators, Violent-Police-Forces, Dominant- Administrators, Militarists, Non-Violent-Resistors, and over-paid CEOs in our Military- Industrial-Congressional-Complexes of Legalized-Terrorists. There is a great need for mature and trained Gracious-People who are willing, able, and ready to help victims of Unresolved-Alienative-Conflicts - - - to work-cooper- atively-together in mutually-supportive-ways to Mitigate-THEIR-OWN-Alienative-Conflicts! Outsiders are Not-Qualified to Resolve-Alienative-Conflicts FOR-VICTIMS of ALIENATIVE- CONFLICTS --- when the VICTIMS of ALIENATIVE-CONFLICTS have learned-to-TRUST-NOBODY! They will NOT-TRUST-OUTSIDERS! The best that trained and qualified OUTSIDERS can do - - - is to help the-victims-of- Alienative-Conflicts to see-for-themselves and describe-for-themselves the great-net- costs to them-and-their-communal-integrities - - - of continuing their Alienative- Conflicts - - - compared to the net gain-for-themselves of They-Themselves For-Their- Own-Good - - - Mitigating-Their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts in Gracious-Cooperative-Ways. Power should not be shifted to OUTSIDERS! Power should be shifted to the Victims-of- The-Enduring-Alienative-Conflicts, away from Concentrators of Wealth-and-Powers!